Gung Ho!

If you've read Ken Blanchard's "Raving Fans" book then here is the companion book on how to turn your employees into raving fans.

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Gung Ho!

Author: Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles

ISBN: 0006530680 (Click here to buy from Amazon)

Gung Ho!

Every day thousands of uninspired employees trudge to work often dooming their companies to failure with their lack of enthusiasm. Drawing on over 20 years' experience of working with hundreds of corporations across the US including America Online, Eastman Kodak, General Motors, Hershey Chocolate and Microsoft, Blanchard reveals a surefire strategy for boosting employee enthusiasm, productivity and performance. This text presents a simple system for inspiring employees. Based on three core ideas: work must be seen as important: workers must be put in control of their own production: and managers must cheer their workers on.

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