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Research recently carried out by our colleagues in Sheffield shows that business owners - people just like you and me - would be willing to pay a staggering 86.77% more to buy a business which differs from its rivals in one crucial way. And that same critical factor could increase the value of your business (probably one of your biggest and most important assets) by many tens - and perhaps even many hundreds - of thousands of pounds.

So what is that one critical factor? Well we're sure you already know the answer'¦.

According to research, the key to making a business more valuable is making it LESS dependent on you the business owner... and MORE dependent on systems - so that when you eventually come to sell your business it works just as well for the buyer without you, as it ever did with you.

In other words, the key is to create a business where everybody knows how to do everything to the same standard you would do it yourself...

..... so that you the owner don't have to do it yourself (unless you want to, of course)

..... and so that you the owner (and all future owners) can choose when to work, how long to work, and what work to do (for example, choosing to work ON your business rather than IN it), instead of the business always dictating those things to you

And the key to making all of that happen is to systematise your business.

Put simply, it means creating systems that catalogue everything you know about running your business. Systems that your team can then use over and over again to do their jobs, and yours, perfectly... every single time.

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