Business valuation

'Michael Gerber, renowned business Guru and author of 'The E-Myth', says that the purpose of a business is to sell it.

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You may disagree with him and add a few other purposes as well, but his point is that you will approach your business in a quite different way if you have this end in mind.

Your plans may require your business to be your most valuable asset - many people rely on an eventual sale to fund their retirement dreams. But building a business of value takes time and focus. It is simply not possible to significantly boost the value in the year before a sale.

It therefore makes a lot of sense to value your business on a regular basis. This helps you see how all the hard work is paying off and ensures that you're on track to meet your goals. It can also be a useful exercise if you are thinking of bringing other shareholders on board.

At DK, we're experts in business valuation, having acted for both buyer and seller on many occasions. We can prepare a simple valuation report or a more in-depth analysis - the choice is yours.

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