Annual accounts

Accurate and timely annual accounts are critical for any business.

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Year-end financial statements are not primarily for the tax man or to file at Companies House their main purpose is to report back to you, the business owner, on the performance of what is probably your major asset over the previous twelve months.

Developing a detailed understanding of how all the different decisions made during the year come together to produce the year-end accounts is key to transforming the performance of your business over the next year.

As well as providing key information to the business owner, there are many other stakeholders that will be interested in how your business is performing. Lenders, suppliers, investors, government entities or other regulatory bodies may require historical financial statements. And for them to be of maximum value it's crucial that you're reviewing the accounts as soon after your year-end as possible. That's why we guarantee to produce your year-end accounts within 30 days of receiving all of your records; it's often much sooner.

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