Professional Athletes

Athletes face unique accounting and tax issues.

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They are likely to spend significant amounts of time away from home or out of the country, which can bring challenges over the tax status of travelling and living expenses.

They may receive sponsorship payments, or the use of assets such as cars in return for carrying an advert or making an appearance.

And they may also be paid for the use of their name or image rights. All of these present specialised accounting and tax challenges, with which we are experienced and able to assist. We are also able to provide a complete bookkeeping and compliance package, taking care of all of your accounting and tax reporting requirements, leaving you free to focus on your sport.


"The truth is you guys are great, you take all the hassle away and explain things really easily – it makes my life so much easier. Thanks for all the help"

Victoria Pendleton, Double Olympic Gold Medal Winning Cyclist and Jockey

And of course one of the greatest challenges that professional athletes face is the relatively short earnings period. It is essential to plan for life after direct participation in sport comes to an end, to ensure both your ongoing fulfilment and financial security. With many years of experience of acting for some of the most well known professional sportsmen and women in the UK, the team at DK is well placed to help you all the way through your career and on to the next chapter in your life.


"I leave all that I hate to do with money to my excellent accountant from Dufton Kellner in Heswall, Wirral. They look after other athletes. A good one is so hard to find."

Chris Boardman, Director, Chris Boardman

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