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Nicky Crone is a self-employed bookkeeper and accountant offering bookkeeping, payroll, VAT and month end and year end accounting facilities.

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Nicky Crone

Nicky previously worked for a plc accountancy firm, working her way up until she became assistant accountant. She then moved to another firm in the role of management accountant before leaving to have her three children.

Nicky established NJC Accounting as a result of some work she had done for one of her former clients, who had set up his own business and asked her to work for him. She agreed on the basis that it was a very casual arrangement, equating to 3 or 4 hours of work per month, allowing her to spend the majority of the time with her children. Eventually, due to complications, the firm went into liquidation. Nicky had built up a small client base by this time. She began to work through her contacts and secured a number of new clients as well.

It was at this time that Nicky began to research the services of various accountancy firms. Nicky isn't a chartered accountant and wanted this support for her clients. Her previous work meant that she had come across a number of well known accountants but found them very expensive.

Six of Nicky's customers now use Dufton Kellner, which is around half of her entire client base. The firm produces year end company accounts and corporation tax returns based on the information that Nicky sends them. They also give Nicky advice and telephone support on a number of issues such as tax. The relationship allows Nicky's clients to benefit from extra support and expertise in areas such as exit strategies or tax planning.

"I have recommended Dufton Kellner on a number of occasions and continue to do so," says Nicky. "They offer very good value for money. It is up to my clients to choose of course, but more often than not, where I have recommended Dufton Kellner, people go with them and are impressed by their services.

"I have benefited from their expertise, and have been able to pass this on to my clients. They are friendly and are very willing to advise. I never think twice about ringing them. Their fixed rate service means that their clients have peace of mind, knowing that they can call without expecting a bill for that 15 minutes of their time."

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